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Teasley, This letter is a long-time coming, and is intended to show our gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional service and client representation you provide. You have certainly earned our respect and admiration. Your professionalism and positive attitude pave the way with the most-troubling real estate transactions we tend to face. We receive remarkable responses from clients we refer to you, and we appreciate the results you achieve. We are aware that transactions coming via our office frequently entail probate, litigation, foreclosure, and evictions, yet you never waiver, and clearly fear no challenge. In fact, we are starting to believe you actually look forward to the complicated ones, and we are impressed. The clients are too, and they can sense your calming and professional control of the whirlwind around them. You truly have a skill, and we notice it. You should know that. That is why we call you our “Litigation Avoidance Consultant” and whenever possible, we seek your involvement, and benefit from your services. However, when litigation is inevitable, you certainly can stand and deliver. As an example, recently, our mutual client accompanied you and me to court three times, and there she saw your hard work pay off. When does a realtor actually go to court, let alone three times, for one client? That case involved a probate, a quiet title action, an eviction, fraud, contract disputes, local law enforcement, the District Attorney, and more. Your willingness to battle with the pending foreclosure, neutralize the problematic tenant, provide a signed declaration with valuable industry insight, along with your preparation, appearance, and willingness to testify in court, most-certainly helped us prevail. Clearly, your collaboration made a difference with all involved, and eventually in the courtroom, as the other party knew you were there, and knew the truth was soon to follow. There is no doubt, your effort in that case facilitated the hard-earned result for our mutual client. And, you did all of this while keeping an escrow together for the eventual successful sale. It was impressive. There is no substitute for experience, and your experience is the foundation of your zealous advocacy for your clients. You have a work ethic like no other realtor, and our clients and our firm are thankful for you. Although we do not want to share you, we do wish you great success and hope this letter represents what a valuable asset you are to our firm. You certainly have our permission and our support to present this letter to others and use our firm as a professional reference as you continue your client-focused, result-oriented, real estate practice. We wish you all the best, and look forward to bringing you in for the next case, and the next one after that. There is clearly no one else we will call. You are the best.

Michael Foster

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